School Days & Week

01 26th Foundation Day CelebrationRelease of Annual Journal – SAGARIKA (2016-17) 20.04.2018(Friday) I – XII Ms Rumpa B, Ms R Sondhi & Editorial Board  Report
02 Earth Day / Environment Day Celebrations Ms. Neerja Bhatnagar, Ms Deepika A Khan
03 Investiture Ceremony (Pr. School) 21.04.2018(Saturday) IV & V Ms D Khanna /


04 Inter School Table Tennis Tournament (Under the aegis of BBPS, Noida) 21.04.2018 to 22.04.2018(Saturday & Sunday) ALL Sports Director, Mr D Bist, Ms R Negi &Mr Vardhan  Report
05 Vigyanika 04.05.2018 to 05.05.18(Friday & Saturday) VI-XII Mr U Verma / Ms Vibha Jain /Ms Indula M / Ms Vidhi Oberoi Report
06 Investiture Ceremony (Sr. School) 05.05.2018(Saturday) VI – XII Ms Ruby Singh
07 International Day of Yoga 21.06.2018 (Thursday) ALL -- Report
07 WORDS – The Literary & Creative Arts Festival 10.05.2018 to 11.05.2018(Thursday & Friday) VI – XII Ms R Sondhi & English Department
08 Scholar Badge Function 04.08.2018(Saturday) IV – XII Ms.SWalia/Ms.A.Dhar/Mr.Prabhat
09 Reverberations – An Inter School Festival 01.08.2018 to 03.08.2018(Wednesday to Friday) IV – XII Ms Aditi G, Ms Manisha A /Ms Ruchika K
10 72nd Independence Day Celebrations 14.08.2018




Ms Rachna S / House members of RAMAN HOUSE
A.O, Security Supervisor & Mr D Bist
11 From the Corridors of History(Social Science Exhibition)
Inter School Football Tournament
14.08.18 to 19.08.2018(Tuesday to Sunday)
30.08.18 to 31.08.18(Thursday & Friday)
VI -  X


Ms K Shreya

Sports Director, Mr D Bist, Ms R Negi &Mr Vardhan

12 Annual  English Play (Sr Secondary School) 01.09.2018(Saturday) XI- XII Ms R Sondhi  Ms Kamna  J &Performing Arts Dept.
13 Teacher’s Day Celebration 05.09.2018(Wednesday) Staff Lunch Staff Reps
14 Anukriti

(An Art Carnival)

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24.09.18 to 29.09.18(Monday-Saturday) I – V Mr Niladri/Ms.Namisha S/Ms.S.Taak
15 ‘ESPRIT’ – An Inter School, Pre-Primary Fiesta 15.09.2018(Saturday) Pre-Primary-I & II HM(PP) & Ms.Neeru Sharma
16 Prelude Assembly for All India Inter Unit Bal Bharati Sports Meet 23.10.2018 (Tuesday) V - XI VPL/HM (Sr)

Ms. Rumpa B & Ms. Poonam S

17 Annual Day / Prize Distribution Function 17.11.2018(Saturday) All VPL/HMs/A.O/Mr. P Pallavi/Mr.Swapan M  Report
18 All India Inter Unit Sports Meet 01.11.18 to 03.11.18(Thursday to Saturday) Sports Director
19 Inter School MUN 16.11.2018 to 18.11.2018(Friday to Sunday) VIII - XI Ms Richa Mohan & History Dept.
20 ANANDMELA (Winter Carnival) 09.12.2018(Sunday) All Mr Varughese & Mr D Bist
21 SPICMACAY 07.12.2018(Friday) -- Mr P Pallavi
22 Inter House Annual Athletic Meet 21.12.2018(Friday) VI to Cl XI Mr D Bist & Ms Rani Negi
23 Farewell Party ( Class-XII) 28.12.2018(Friday) XI & XII Cls Reps XII
24 Alumni Meet 2018 29.12.2018(Saturday) All Ms Anita Panda
25 Aashirwaad Ceremony ( Class-XII) 08.02.2019(Tuesday) XII Ms Vibha Jain
26 Spring Fest Feb 2019 PP I - V HM (PP) & HM (Pr)