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In the last two years, pandemics, armed conflicts and violence, the climate crisis and disasters are hitting the world's most vulnerable groups hard. On this day, let's carry the flame of Humanity across the world. "Together let's spread the flame of humanity and believe in the power of Kindness".

This World Red Cross day let's pledge to be a little kinder to everyone.


World Red Cross Day

'My Tree Program' 20th of April 22

The green warriors of BBPS, Noida adopted a plant sapling on the 20th of April and took the vow to nurture them under the 'My Tree Program'. Greening the Earth will help our Mother Earth to heal faster.

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A beautiful video of children thanking the members of the society who strive hard to keep the society clean and provide basic amenities and transport. Created by a Proud Bal  Bharti Noida student of your class 9 th Ms Smriti Kakkar.

A group of 26 students (18 from Primary and all the 08 office bearers of the Interact Club from the Senior Section) visited the Govt Primary School in Sorkha Village, Sector 76, Noida on 07 Sep 2015 with Mrs P Tiwari, PRT.

Students welcomed the interactors whole heartedly. The objective of the visit was to apprise the children about schooling and also generate empathy and fellow feeling amongst the student fraternity. Eatables and stationery items were distributed to the children. A workshop was held for the students of Sorkha School, highlighting the importance of health, sanitation and the ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’. Through this session, Primary students of BBPS also got an opportunity to mingle with students of their age. It was a learning experience for the children of the Primary section who have never been exposed to such an environment earlier. All the little ones interacted whole heartedly with these children and also played with them. It was a good exposure and children looked forward for another such interaction in the near future.


Sagarika – Annual Journal of School Events, Noida