Secretary’s Message

Dear Children,

Hope this message will find you all safe and in good health. The worldwide pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has indeed brought about a sea of change, not only in the ways we live our life but more importantly in our perspective to life. It is indeed heartening to see the young Bal Bharatians overcoming the challenges of life effectively and adapting gracefully and smoothly to the ‘new normal’. This pandemic has indeed given us the opportunity for retrospection, to evaluate our own actions and to discern between the essential and the superficial. In this changed scenario, I would once again like to reiterate the importance of physical and mental wellbeing.  It is essential that in these times we do not lose our perspective of managing our time and health effectively and take adequate measures to ensure not only our own wellbeing but also that of our near and dear ones. Spend quality time with your family and channelise your boundless energy in constructive endeavours. A positive outlook and confidence in your own abilities will definitely make you more resilient to handle life’s challenges effectively.

With best wishes and prayers for your safety, health and happiness.