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  • Sagarika - The school has been coming up with the annual journal sagarika for the last ten years. The all colored annual journal has been received very well and appreciated, not only by students and parents but principals of many prestigious schools. The Primary school has published its own newsletter named ‘Sagarika’, highlighting the achievements of the primary school.
  • Infomag - The Computer Department of the school features its own online newsletter annually. The articles and features of this magazine showcases the creativity of the students in Computer and IT related areas.
  • Blossoms - Montessori wing of the school releases its annual newsletter ‘Blossoms’. The creative inputs by the Montessori children is a feast to the eyes.
  • Article - Article of Mrs. Ritu Nagar published in Indian Journal of Medical and Health Science. We are indeed proud of the achievement of our school Counsellor, Ritu Nagar. Request, the Readers to read this article.


Session 2018-19

Pre Primary Newsletter

The Goal - Sports Newsletter (Session 2018-19)

नवांकुर - Primary Dept. Hindi News Letter NOV-MARCH 2018

CYBERBUZZ - A small step towards spreading awareness about the different cyber crimes and the ways to tackle them and stay safe online. (A Part of SEWA ACTIVITY CLASS IX D)

नवांकुर - Primary Dept. Hindi News Letter July 2018

SAGARIKA - Annual Journal of School Events 2017-18

Primary Dept. Hindi News Letter 2018

Session 2017-18

ATL News Letter 2017

ISA News Letter 2017

Hindi News Letter 2017

Sagarika 2017

Pre Primary News Letter 2017

Primary News Letter 2017