Life Sized Snakes & Ladder Game


DATE :14.09.16 (Preliminary round)
21.09.16 (Final round)

 VENUE  : Badminton Court

 TIME  : 7th, 8th, 9th Periods

Rules and Regulations:

  • Participation of all students is mandatory.
  • Each player will throw the dice and move forward on the squares starting with square no. 1
  • If the player ends up at the foot of a ladder, he/she moves up the ladder to the square at the top of the ladder .
  • If the player ends up on the head of a snake, he/she slides back down to its tail.
  • A player has to throw exactly the right number to get home.
  • Each section will be allowed 15 minutes to play.
  • The section which has maximum number of players reaching home will be the winner.


Anju Bhatnagar

Neeta Marwah                                                                                      HM(Primary)