Animal Race – (Relay Race)


FINAL ROUND: 21.09.16

Class: Montessori I                        Sections: All

  1. Participation of the entire class is mandatory.
  2. Each class will be divided into eight groups. Each group/ team will consist of four children.
  3. Class teachers will make stick puppets of animals and their homes for the race.
  4. During the preliminary round, race will be held in the school playground. Class teachers are required to forward the names of the winners from each section.
  5. During the final round, the winners of preliminary round will take part in the race
  6. Children will be graded in the class nominal rolls.

Convener: Ms. M.Malkoti                                                       Ms.S.Passi
Coordinator: Ms.M. Ghosh                                                    Headmistress(Mont.)